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Making mistakes since 1970

A photo of me

I'm a creative writer at the Government Digital Service.

I also write a weekly syndicated column for the Press Association, and contribute occasional articles for The Morning News and a handful of other magazines and blogs.

In the past, I've written for the BBC, The Guardian, Time's Techland, Cult of Mac, The Daily Telegraph, TUAW, Redwood Publishing, BERG,,, Fjord and Nokia, and others.

I've contributed to a handful of books.

A handful of people have said some nice things about my work.


Me elsewhere: photos on Flickr, links on Pinboard, and music on I'm @gilest on Twitter. I have a LinkedIn profile. There's another Giles Turnbull who looks and sounds a bit like me at Pretend Office, can't imagine how that happened.

Personal info

I live in south-west England with my wife and son and two cats. When I'm not working, I like taking photos and singing. Other interests include geology, science, archaeology, walking, Byzantine history, British geomorphology, real ale, listening to the radio, shelving, and biscuits.