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Bad transport poetry

Photo by Alice Bartlett
Thanks to Alice Bartlett for the photo

Bad transport poetry is a Little Printer publication for masochistic rail enthusiasts and fellow long-distance commuters.

If you own a Little Printer, you can subscribe and have a new bad transport poem delivered to you once a week, every Wednesday.

Be warned: the poetry is not good. It is of Vogon-like awfulness, and getting progressively worse.

It's not always poetry about bad transport. But it is always bad poetry about transport.

Aside: Little Printer publications are easier than you think

When Little Printer first came out, I delved into the docs and promptly felt overwhelmed. My grasp of the command line is very limited, and anything involving actual code gives me the shivers. I can barely write CSS that makes any sense.

But BERG's instructions were delightfully easy to follow, especially once I'd grasped the simple fact that you don't have to own a Little Printer to make a Little Printer publication. Aha! (Of course it helps to have one to test things with, but if your needs are simple - and mine are - you should be OK.) I've relied on friends with LPs (namely the marvellous Robert Brook) to give me suggestions and tips. So far, the feedback has been invaluable, but the publication still lived and breathed perfectly well without me buying a Little Printer of my own.

If you can write basic HTML and can FTP stuff to a server, you can create a publication. Robert laughed when I told him I did it manually like that. But that's the simplest, easiest way. We built the web like that, back in the 90s. Now we're building connected paper the same way.

(Written: 15th October 2013. Updated: 13th June 2014)