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Websites I keep a close eye on (in no particular order, and almost certainly missing important people):

Russell Davies, Alice Bartlett, Nat Buckley, Phil Gyford, Jason Kottke, Matt Haughey, Denise Wilton, Alyson Fielding, Michael Tsai, Robert Brook, Chris Heathcote, Mat Johnson, Matt Webb, Piper Heywood, Jamie Adams, Matt Jukes, Ella Fitzsimmons, Andrew Eberlin, Rachel Martin, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Peter Rukavina, Frances Berriman, Zara Farrar, James Holloway, Paul Davidson.

That's just a small selection mind you. Download my RSS subscriptions file (OPML, 42 KB, 221 feeds, as of May 2021).

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