Being in a band

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SCREEN GOES ALL WOBBLY TO SHOW WE ARE ENTERING FLASHBACK MODE I was in a band while at college. In two bands, actually, both of them equally awful. In the first (band names changed daily, but included “The Piglets” (my personal fave) and “Sonic Deckchair”) was made up of fellow students. They were all geologists […]

Introducing Barnaby

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Say hello to Barnaby Lawrence Turnbull, who was born at 7.42pm on Tuesday August 13th in Trowbridge Community Hospital. He weighed 7lbs and half an ounce and is very cute. He arrived nine days earlier than expected, so took us by surprise somewhat, but that doesn’t make us any less delighted to see him. Kate […]

The iris-scanning cash machine

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One day, several years ago when I was still a reporter at PA, I got the chance to go and see the “next generation” cash machine in action. The idea was that no plastic card or PIN was required. You simply stood in front of the machine, it scanned your iris, and promptly recognized you […]

A month in Miami

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In May 2000, Kate was given the chance to go and work in Miami for a whole month. I had recently started freelancing and frankly, didn’t have much to do. So I tagged along. It was a lot of fun. I got to explore Miami while K worked. I drove for long hours, getting myself […]