Wake up mummy and daddy!

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At about 10 weeks, Barnaby started changing his daily routine very slightly. Now, when he wakes up in the morning (sometime between 5.30am and 6am), he will happily lie in his cot and gurgle quietly to himself, for half an hour or so. This is odd because it has been hours since his last feed, […]

Toddler talk

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Barnaby is well on the way towards talking, and constantly chirrups away with a mixture of real words (“dog!”, “duck!” and “key!”) and nonsense sounds. Our conversations can get quite surreal. “Dedth!” he cried when I suggested we go out to enjoy some sunshine. “Dedum!” He pointed to the door. “Knock,” he added. “Would you […]

Special delivery

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The man from the supermarket arrives at about 1.30pm, with eight or nine crates full of groceries for us. Barney is terribly excited about this, and hovers on the doorstep trying to lift things that are far too heavy for him. The delivery man is cheerful despite the pouring rain that has soaked him right […]

Interview with Matthew Somerville

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Thank goodness for people like Matthew Somerville. He’s the guy who’s been knocking up decent, accessible versions of well known web sites like the National Rail Live Departure Boards service (, Odeon cinemas (, and the Hutton Inquiry ( I contacted Matthew to have a chat to him about the whole business, and used the […]

Barney’s first words

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A few days before his first birthday, Barnaby and I were sitting in the front room reading a story book. As he often does, Barney got a bit bored with the book and after a few attempts to eat it, he clambered down off my lap to have a crawl, and perhaps find something else […]

Attack wave 1 completed

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The sports centre had a kind of cosy warmth to it, no matter what the weather was like outside. In winter it was welcome shelter from the frozen winds coming off the sea; in summer it roasted all comers, turning tanned arms and necks glistery with sweat. There was a pool, in which children from […]

Deb Barham, RIP

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I’m greatly saddened to hear of the death of Deb Barham. We weren’t close friends, but we knew eachother and swapped email every now and then. I met her at one of the very early get-togethers of London bloggers. I didn’t really get round to speaking to her during the evening, and it was only […]

My new new routine

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My old routine has been eclipsed by a new one. That’s the thing about a baby-centered world, the routines you slip into mutate and change as the baby grows. Barnaby is now eight months old and is very nearly able to crawl. He can fix his eyes on an object and make his way towards it by […]

My new routine

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So now I am a househusband. I stay at home and look after the baby, while my wife goes out to work to earn a living. There are two reasons for doing it this way: she has a Proper Job that pays a Salary, which is more than I earn in a year anyway I […]