Selected associations from the Directory of British Associations, edition 15

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  • Airship Association – “A forum for those interested in the technology of airships”
  • Equine Behaviour Forum – “To exchange information on the behaviour of horses in all situations”
  • British Temperance Society – “To create a philosophy of total abstinence”
  • British Secondary Metals Association – “To organise, inform and advise companies interested in the processing of secondary non-ferrous metals”
  • Pali Text Society – “Promoting the study of Pali by publishing Pali texts in Roman characters, translations and ancillary work; funding research students”
  • Teenage Magazine Arbitration Panel – “The magazine industry’s self-regulatory body which ensures that the sexual content of teenage magazines is presented in a responsible and appropriate manner…”
  • Scottish Tartans Society – “To study and record the origins, history and development of tartans and Highland dress”
  • Fairy Ring – “The aim of the Fairy Ring is to further the knowledge, love and respect of fairies and angels”
  • British Boomerang Society – “The promotion of boomerang throwing as a sport; to support enquries, research the science of flight, materials, history and the collecting of boomerangs”
  • Great Britain Luge Association – “luge racing”