Breakfast with The White Stripes

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JACK: OH GIRL! Do you want some toast?

MEG: No, Jack. I don’t.

JACK: OH MEG! MEG! MEG! Don’t you want some toast?

MEG: No, Jack, I don’t.

JACK: You don’t want toast? You say YOU DON’T WANT TOAST?

MEG: No, Jack, I don’t.


MEG: No, Jack, I –

JACK: NoTOASTnotoastNOTOASTnOtOASTnotoaaaast. Girl. You. Don’t. Want. No. Oh, God! Toast!

MEG: No, Jack, I don’t.

JACK (Whispering, scarily): Well-maybe-you-would-like-some-yogurt. 

MEG: Yes please, Jack honey, I’d like some yogurt. That’s the kind of breakfast that won’t leave me hurt. Cos Jack sweetie you’re sometimes a little unseemly. Oh Jack it’s the way that you leave me all dreamy. Oh Jack.

JACK (Thumping bass, screaming screams): P L A I N ? or S T R A W B E R R Y ??????