Flooding in BoA, November 2012

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How ELO wrote “The diary of Horace Wimp”

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(The scene: members of 70s prog-rock-pop band Electric Light Orchestra are in the recording studio, putting the final finishing touches to what will, in years to come, be one of their best-known and most-loved songs: The Diary of Horace Wimp. The band are standing still, holding their instruments, as the final bars of the song […]

The future of social networking

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(This is a draft of a feature I wrote for PA.) No-one ever made a movie about Stephan Paternot. Who? You might well ask. Stephan was the co-founder of The Globe, the Facebook of the 1990s.  If you don’t remember The Globe, you’re not alone. It was briefly the biggest, most exciting web project in […]

The xx go for a pizza

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The scene: a pizza restaurant. Waiting by the sign that says “Please wait here to be seated” are The xx. They look a bit miserable. WAITRESS: Table for three? THE XX: (Shrug in unison) OLIVER: Maybe. WAITRESS: This way please! (They all sit down and look at menus.) JAMIE (sighing heavily): Nothing could have stopped […]


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Blogs of days past A few weeks ago I wrote a silly piece of satire about the early days of blogging. It was one of those things that had been my “things-to-write” list for years, and one morning it just dribbled out of my fingers and on to my computer screen.  Writing it, and seeing it published […]

Summer break in Croatia

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We spent a week in Trogir, near Split, in Croatia. Mostly lazing on the beach, mostly eating in the evenings. It was hot. We booked accomodation slightly too far from the beach and the town, which meant a lot of hot walks to get anywhere. Take note for next time, Giles. More photos

Summer break in Croatia


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Colourful, inflatable, explorable art. Unforgettable. More photos


A template letter for web developers to send clients regarding the new EU cookie law

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The text below is my attempt to write a simple template letter that web developers can send to clients, explaining the implications of the new cookie law. It is a work in progress and may be changed at any time. It is published here without copyright and as a work in the Public Domain. (Why not Creative Commons? […]

Olympic flags in BoA

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To celebrate the passing of the Olympic torch through our town, people put up a whole world’s worth of flags. It was lovely. It felt very international. More photos

Olympic flags in BoA

John Peel’s record collection – the Spotify playlist

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Listen to the John Peel record collection playlist. No matter how hooked you are into modern digital music consumption, you must surely feel the magnetic pull of a decent record collection. A proper collection, of actual vinyl records. Yes, such a collection consumes vast cubic volume and requires specially constructed shelving to support its weight, but […]

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