A few days in Turkey

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We went to sit by a pool in Turkey. The country feels like it’s changed since we were last there, 18 years ago. It feels more Westernised, more modern. More European, now I stop to think about it.

We did a boat trip. A really good one, with delicious food on board, and gorgeous, beautiful sea swimming in various coves and bays around the coast. I could go back and do a whole week of that.

It was smack-you-in-the-face hot, as early as 7am. Like a lot of pale Englishmen, I tended to wilt a little bit in those temperatures. But there was respite in cool water; I love swimming and snorkelling, and a day out on a boat provided plenty of both. The Aegean Sea is the most incredible colour. Deep rich blue, incredibly clean and clear. Moored in a shallow bay, it looks greener, and the fish gather round looking for scraps of food.

One day, Barney and I went parasailing. It was ace.