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This is an incomplete selection of my work as a freelance writer between 2001 and 2014. Serious linkrot sets in as the links get older – apologies if you click something and end up in limbo.  Columnist, The Press Association A weekly column, syndicated to hundreds of local newspapers and radio stations around the UK. Very […]

Bus ghosts

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You know when it’s winter, and you board a London bus and feel the heat from all the bodies as you beep your Oyster card on the little card reader next to the driver, and you hop up the stairs two at a time to find a seat up there, because who wants to sit […]

Halloween in Calpe

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We went to Calpe in Spain for winter half-term. It was warm enough to swim in the outdoor pool. More photos

Halloween in Calpe

On having a proper job

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I can remember saying to friends, shortly after going freelance back in 2001: “I love it. I love the freedom. You’d have to drag me kicking and screaming back to a proper job.” Well I’m now a year or so into having the proper job, which I took on rather gradually over several months, and […]

Family holiday in Devon

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We spent a week in a cottage in Devon. Turned out nice.

Family holiday in Devon


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Last night I went to see Spectra, an event next door to Parliament, shining a set of huge bright lights up into the sky. The conditions were good: a damp-ish, cloudy evening meant that it was easy to see the light beams converging above. Mesmerising. More photos

Red cliffs in Dorset

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We spent a few days in and around West Bay and Bridport. Geology, the sea, sandcastles, tea rooms. All the essentials.

Red cliffs in Dorset

This hour takes me back

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1 Hour Photo is a new-ish camera app from Nevercenter, the people who make much more feature-rich camera apps like Camerabag. It’s different, though, because it has hardly any features at all. Here’s how it works: you take a photo it applies a rather nice black-and-white filter an hour later, it saves it to your phone’s Camera […]

The Wedding Present stop for a tea break

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(The scene: a recording studio. Members of seminal 80s/90s indie rock band The Wedding Present gather around the drum kit for a cup of tea.) DAVID GEDGE (sipping tea): Ahh. Lovely. CHARLES: Yeah, lovely. DAVID: I should write a song about cups of tea. PATRICK: Yeah. Good idea Dave. DAVID: A song about tea.  KATHARINE: […]


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Buy now: £7 (plus postage) A few years ago I made a book out of some old bits of internet. Luvly is a collection of blog posts, bits of writing, silly poems, observations and attempts at humour that were posted on various incarnations of this website between 2002 and 2009. It included some things you can still […]

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