Archived of published journalism, 2001-2014

Published (updated: ) in work.

This is an incomplete selection of my work as a freelance writer between 2001 and 2014. Serious linkrot sets in as the links get older – apologies if you click something and end up in limbo. 

Columnist, The Press Association

A weekly column, syndicated to hundreds of local newspapers and radio stations around the UK. Very little of it survives online. My own archives are probably your best bet.

The Morning News

Mostly satire, humour, walks and weirdness.

Cult of Mac

News, reviews and features about OS X and iOS software. A small selection:

Time Techland

Daily contributions for Time magazine’s (now defunct) technology website. A selection:

The Guardian

Occasional articles for the newspaper’s technology section.

The Daily Telegraph

Occasional news, features and interviews.

O’Reilly’s Mac Devcenter

Frequent posts about the early days of Mac OS X. A selection:

Contributor/blogger, BBC Online

Contributions to the “” blog. Also features, interviews, backgrounders and news pieces.

Other work

Other companies and websites I wrote for, in one way or another: