The [gorjuss] mailing list

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[gorjuss] began in September 1999, kept going for a couple of years, died for a few more, and got revived in 2012, then died again. I’m quite fond of it.  It was deliberately, stubbornly retro: sent in plain text via a Mailman list, archived in zero-style HTML on the web by Pipermail.  It looked and […]

Turning point

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This week marks a turning point for me. After 13 years of freelancing, I’ve returned to Proper Work. I’m now officially a full time creative writer at GDS, a civil servant with paid annual leave and sick pay and a pension and all that stuff.  Looking back on my freelancing years, I find it hard to […]

Weeknote / Sending

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Good Postcard Club opened for posting on Monday. I had wanted this to happen sooner, just after New Year, but failed to account for the hoops you have to jump through to organise a PO Box. That’s a service ripe for transforming, blimey.  Anyway, the word is spreading and the first couple of postcards have trickled […]

Weeknote / Sending
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