I ❤️ Pembrokeshire

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We spent a week in Pembrokeshire. It’s got everything you need. We took the beach stuff we already had, and I had a bit of a binge in this shop and bought some more things we didn’t have. And last year we broke a spade, so we needed a new spade.

Aberaeron is a pretty seaside town, where almost every house is painted a different colour. Most of them gentle pastels, some more vibrant. It was cloudy, so the pictures came out muted. Maybe that’s better.

We went on a spectacular walk around Dinas Island, all clifftop paths and sea birds and fantastic views along the coastline. K doesn’t enjoy clifftops much, so she found it quite stressful. But we all thought it was worth the stress for such a beautiful walk.

I don’t have to tell you how beautiful it is round there. I could walk that coast forever. The teenagers might have felt like that was exactly what we were doing. We took them back to the cottage and supplied food and wifi, like you do for teenagers.

Tenby. You have to go to Tenby. One of the best beaches anywhere, with a handy town at the top of the cliff. Best of both worlds.


The sea kayaking was a highlight. We tasted seaweeds (one like garlic butter sauce), we spotted a seal, we saw some ancient pillow lavas. I was the only person interested in those. A magical, wonderful few hours spent far from phones, paddling on gentle waters.

The teenagers are growing so fast. They won’t want to come on many more holidays with us, we know that. These memories are precious, and will get all the more so. Heading to the car park at sunset, talking them out of buying overpriced rock at the rock shop. Yes, even memories like that.