Weeknote / Say no to noro

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On a whim, I decided to walk to Bath one day last week. It was one of those cold but sunny days. Bath is only 20 minutes away in the car, but it took me 3 hours and 40 minutes to walk about 15km along the canal, through Monkton village, then up and over Fox […]

Weeknote / Meetings and maps

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Some good meetings recently. One in Whitehall, two over the phone. All of them about possible future work, and all of them with organisations facing similar problems.  I ran through lists of questions: Who’s your most powerful supporter? Are you in control of what you say in public? Do you have a platform to publish […]

Weeknote / Meetings and maps

Planning comms

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Not too much; mostly blogging This is how I advise people about planning their communication: “Plan comms. Not too much. Mostly blogging.” (A reference to Michael Pollan’s advice for a healthy diet: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”) Some teams, particularly government teams, love to plan their future communication out on what’s usually called a […]

Weeknote / F it up

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Work has been going a bit bananas over the last week or two. Loads of incoming requests, loads of meetings to arrange. Good variety in it, too: some proper creative challenges to get my teeth into. I’m spending a couple of days every week at Public Digital and that’s fun. They’re a fun bunch. I’ve been diagnosed […]

4AD and floppy hair

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A label, with love I’m very grateful to Phil Gyford for creating this playlist on Spotify: Facing the other way: the story of 4AD. It’s given me a chance to remember some music I’d forgotten, and one or two haircuts I’d rather not think about at all. I wouldn’t say 4AD defined my music taste during the late […]

Not looking at Twitter

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Earlier this year, I deleted Twitter from my phone. More recently, Twitter’s own actions broke my Twitter client. That same week, there was a rush of people switching to Mastodon, and I went there as well, returning to my created-ages-ago but mostly-neglected account. I’m in 2 minds about all this. The main reason I deleted Twitter from my […]

A few days in Ireland

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A long weekend on the west coast of Ireland, and a day trip to Skellig Michael. A very short holiday, but one of the best ones. My first ever trip to Ireland, and oooooh gosh isn’t it beautiful? I want to go back. Skellig Michael – filming location for Luke Skywalker’s hideaway in Star Wars […]

Boston (and Pride)

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I went to Boston and Cambridge for a few days for work. Boston and Cambridge are nice. Met some lovely people, shot a bit of video, played a bit of werewolf. A good few days.

Boston (and Pride)

Day trip to Porthcawl

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I wanted to try a specific pizza restaurant by the sea, so the lad and I got in the car for a day trip to Porthcawl. We found the pizza place, but I neglected to take a photo of the actual pizza.

Day trip to Porthcawl


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The opposite of notifications NOT_ifications is a bot that posts useless, nonsensical, anti-notifications as tweets. They are anti-notifications because they do the opposite of actual notifications. NOT_ifications tell you when nothing’s happened. NOT_ifications alert you to non-events. NOT_ifications encourage you to just carry on with what you were doing, rather than get distracted and start doing […]

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