Weeknote / F it up

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  • Work has been going a bit bananas over the last week or two. Loads of incoming requests, loads of meetings to arrange. Good variety in it, too: some proper creative challenges to get my teeth into. I’m spending a couple of days every week at Public Digital and that’s fun. They’re a fun bunch.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with psoriasis on the sole of my left foot. This explains why it’s been itching and burning hot for months and months. There’s no cure as such, only condition management. I’m quite bummed about this because I wanted to start running again to lose some weight, but until I can my foot back to something like normal, I can’t run on it.
  • Instagram. It’s getting worse. The ads are getting really intrusive. Yeah it’s a free service, they have to make money somehow, etc etc. But it puts me off browsing, and posting. Thought I might just post one picture a month, that’s the latest idea.
  • Caffeine is an essential Mac app that keeps your screen awake when you want it to. I upgraded to macos Mojave this week and Caffeine stopped working. I emailed the dev, in case they’re still maintaining it. In the meantime I’ve found an app called Amphetamine which does the same job. 
  • Richard Pope is doing a new thing at Platform Land. Richard is one of the cleverest people I know so I suggest you sign up to all his things and read them. He and I met up for a burger in Cambridge (Massachusetts, not Cambridgeshire) the other day.
  • Quite taken by the idea of You Don’t Need WordPress but haven’t actually tried it out.
  • During the summer I signed up for Blot and I think it’s really really good. But I couldn’t make it work for me, for this website anyway. Still, I’m recommending it to people. People who still use Typepad should switch to it. 
  • Guy Moorhouse put me on to Cargo, it looks very appealing. But I don’t need any more websites, to be honest. Next time I do, mind you…

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