Weeknote / Meetings and maps

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Some good meetings recently. One in Whitehall, two over the phone. All of them about possible future work, and all of them with organisations facing similar problems. 

I ran through lists of questions: Who’s your most powerful supporter? Are you in control of what you say in public? Do you have a platform to publish upon? And so on.

Spent a day with another Whitehall team, won’t say which one. But they were lovely and welcoming, and I saw a handful of familiar faces.

  • Working on some exciting stuff at pd. Properly creative. I think this photo tells you everything.
  • For 10 minutes or so this week, I fell into a Palm nostalgia hole. I’d forgotten about dot commands. My Palm III was the best bloody thing, it really was.
  • Went into Bath to start the process of buying a suit. I need a suit. Anyone who knows me even a little bit will know that suit-wearing does not come naturally to me. I feel like a fraud when I’m dressed up smart, and that lack of confidence helps ensure that I don’t carry it off. Nonetheless: a suit is required, and a suit will be got. 
  • I struggle to hear people in busy, noisy environments. Soundprint appeals to me.

A couple of weeks ago I took a weekend trip to the south-east to see a bunch of my oldest friends from school days. They all live down there, or at least closer than I do. They meet more regularly. Some of them I hadn’t seen for years. Old friendships are so important, so valuable. Something that defines them is the fact that people can still be bothered to make the effort to see one another. I have to make that effort too, even if I live 200 miles away. Which I do.

Important maps news

Have you seen the Equal Earth Projection? I intend to have this on a wall in my house, as soon as practical.

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