Weeknote / Say no to noro

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  • On a whim, I decided to walk to Bath one day last week. It was one of those cold but sunny days. Bath is only 20 minutes away in the car, but it took me 3 hours and 40 minutes to walk about 15km along the canal, through Monkton village, then up and over Fox Hill and Lyncombe Hill to reach the city centre. 
  • It was a Really Good Walk. I discovered some bits of Bath I’d never seen before, helped some police officers push a broken down car off the stone wall it had got stuck on, and met some cows, a llama, a cat and a kingfisher that flashed past me on the canal path. That evening I was spectacularly tired.
  • That was last week. This week was less inspiring. Went to see my mum to help her with a hospital appointment, which was fine. But then spent 2 more days in bed / on the loo, dealing with what I’m pretty sure was norovirus, almost certainly picked up while in the hospital. Ugh. It’s Friday pm as I type this and I’m still only back at about 50% ok. Hoping that a quiet weekend will help me regain the missing 30%.

Sighing about photos

I’ve started the process of downloading all my stuff from Flickr, but I haven’t yet deleted my account. I’m still torn about this. I don’t trust Instagram (because I don’t trust Facebook), but it’s where everyone I know puts photos, and looks at photos. Fifty quid a year seems like a lot for Flickr; not because I can’t afford it (I can) but because I just don’t think anyone will see the photos I put there. Maybe they will if I share the URLs? That’s the biggest downer with Instagram, you can’t just copy-and-paste a URL to share your photos more widely than your immediate circle of friends.

Recently in music

  • I thought I’d heard everything by Talk Talk, but no: last week I discovered the Natural Order compilation, which was apparently put together by Mark Hollis in 2013. There’s a song on it called John Cope that I’d never heard before.
  • Severant by Kuedo
  • Re-visiting one of my favourite albums-most-people-haven’t-heard, Drop The Roof by pop misfits Out Of My Hair
  • Lots of good stuff on the Lo-fi House playlist, which took me to an album called Dry Thoughts by Route 8
  • Lots of Queen, because we went to see the film
  • Because I am a middle-aged man, I’ve only just heard of B.Traits by accidentally tuning in to her Future Sonic Selection Special on iPlayer; I enjoyed it so much, I made it into a playlist