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A warm winter break K and I spent a long weekend in Sicily, because even in winter it’s blue and golden gold, and the stone benches are warm to sit on, at least in the afternoon, and you can still drink coffee outside, and even a cup of tea, and in the evening you can […]

Projects 19-24

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2019 was one of those years that feels like it only began 5 minutes ago, but here we are in December and where did the days go? The same place that all the hours and minutes and used train tickets went, I suppose. Even more so than last year, this year’s work was almost entirely for Public […]

Weeknote / Turnbull, you’re full of crap

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One of the most useful thing about writing weeknotes is that they help me work out what’s worth saying out loud and what’s not. There are many times when I type a paragraph to go here, read it back to myself, and realise it’s mostly nonsense. “Turnbull, you’re full of crap,” I say to myself […]

Weeknote / I live in James Blunt

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Another manic week, but some hours of calm and time to think towards the end of it. It was my birthday on Wednesday, but that day was so brain-shatteringly busy that I barely had time to notice until mid-evening.  Over at the Main Gig, we published another edition of Signals, the printed periodical that thinks it’s […]

Weeknote / Not bloody Tory

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Hi! My my, the weeks fly by faster don’t they?  I took my elderly neighbour to the hospital because he had an appointment. The hospital was shabby and smelled like the 1970s. I thought about all the people I know who work for the NHS, and muttered quiet thanks for their patience and skill. I […]

Weeknote / A warm-hearted bunch

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Recently tried this photo printing service, Tonki. They’re based in Italy. You upload an image, they print it directly on to cardboard that folds into a frame for itself, ready to hang on the wall or stand on a shelf. It works well, looks good. My first prints had minor flaws, so they sent me replacements […]

Weeknote / Actual running

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God it’s exhausting isn’t it? Everything’s just non-stop, sit-down-and-you’ll-fall-asleep, pay attention pay attention pay attention focus. Sat down on the armchair at about 8pm one evening this week; drifted off immediately.  Still: some Good Work was done. A transatlantic phone call / presentation went well. A new client agreed some work, which will probably add […]

Remembering the TRS-80

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(Warning: nostalgia herein.) This story at Boingboing, What it was like to use a TRS-80 Model 100 as a journalist on the go, brings back memories. As a junior reporter on in the early 1990s, I used a similar machine called a Tandy, but it was almost identical. I can tell you a story about it. […]

Weeknote / That lovely sensation

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This week was very busy with work. Print deadlines are looming for print projects, so there was some late-night copy-chasing and editing, plus that lovely sensation when a first proof comes back from a designer and you get to see what the words you’ve been working on for weeks will actually look like.  Busy with client work […]

Weeknote / Bats

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Attended a talk about bats, by Professor Fiona Mathews. There’s a lot of bats in my town, even rare ones. We often see them hunting in our garden on warm evenings. Now I know why: they love the local caves (there’s lot of caves round these parts). Wanted to start reading The Secret Commonwealth, but couldn’t remember all the details […]

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