Tulips in the city

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Visiting the garden at 120 Fenchurch St

We went to London to do some things, and one of those things was a visit to the new Garden at 120 Fenchurch St. And it’s lovely.

We arrived first thing in the morning, which was a good idea. We had the place all to ourselves for the first half hour or so.

Kate, who is properly knowledgable about gardening, was impressed by the design and the planting. It feels like a real garden up there, not like a publicity stunt. There are benches to sit on. There are loads of tulips in interesting colours.

There are lots of climbing plants, slowly creeping up on those metal grids. Later this summer, this will be a delightful shady spot for a picnic.

And of course terrific views, especially southwards over the river and Tower Bridge. To the west you can see St Paul’s cathedral.

From up here, the Lloyds building looks old, small and a bit bullied by the newer, bigger buildings around it. 

The walkie-talkie building (20 Fenchurch St, just down the road) looms aggressively over everything, arrogant and intrusive. Soon the climbing plants will have done their bit to block it from view. Your picnic will be a bit nicer as a result.