Weeknote / A warm-hearted bunch

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Recently tried this photo printing service, Tonki. They’re based in Italy. You upload an image, they print it directly on to cardboard that folds into a frame for itself, ready to hang on the wall or stand on a shelf. It works well, looks good. My first prints had minor flaws, so they sent me replacements for free. Nice. 

  • A client of mine, Cydea, announced itself to the world. Go Robin go.
  • Lots of good things happening at Public Digital, most of which I can’t talk about here. It’s a privilege to work with such a talented, wise, warm-hearted bunch.

This week in music

  • Underworld’s Drift Series 1 … I didn’t realise that this album is nearly 6 hours long until I was about 2 hours into it. 
  • 9Bach, by 9Bach. Welsh folk-electronica-pop. Very nice. 
  • Still listening to that Underworld thing though.