Weeknote / Actual running

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God it’s exhausting isn’t it? Everything’s just non-stop, sit-down-and-you’ll-fall-asleep, pay attention pay attention pay attention focus. Sat down on the armchair at about 8pm one evening this week; drifted off immediately. 

Still: some Good Work was done. A transatlantic phone call / presentation went well. A new client agreed some work, which will probably add more things to my exhausting todo list in the new year. Sent off a proposal for some other work. 

  • My cat has a bladder problem and keeps pissing in the house. Joy.
  • I posted Remembering the TRS-80, because I get nostalgic about 90s era technology
  • I’ve been going running again. Another attempt to make it a regular part of my life. It’s hard, though. I’m getting better at getting-out-the-door (although the weather’s mostly been quite mild, which makes it easier). Still not much good at the actual-running bit, especially for any distance. 
  • Monochrome now has 27 subscribers. I’m still enjoying the doing of it. I’ve deliberately not tied myself to a particular publishing schedule. I don’t have to live up to any promises; I just post something when the mood takes me. I like that. 

A story about Flickr

About 2 or 3 years ago, my Mac started uploading my entire Photos archive to Flickr, and I didn’t realise for a couple of days. The result was thousands of duplicate and unwanted photos in my Flickr photo stream, dozens of auto-generated albums I didn’t want. It messed everything up. And it took me 2 or 3 years to find the time and summon up the energy to do something about it, but this week I did: I spent a long evening, late into the night, locating those unwanted uploads and deleting them en masse. About 5000 photos. 

Then I spent more hours updating my feed with the last year’s worth of photos that I never uploaded in the first place, sorting them into albums that I did want. It felt good. I feel like my Flickr feed can be useful again now, it can be something I can point people to. So if you did want to see the pictures I took at Harvard University’s Geological museum last year, you can do that.

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