Weeknote / Bats

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  • Attended a talk about bats, by Professor Fiona Mathews. There’s a lot of bats in my town, even rare ones. We often see them hunting in our garden on warm evenings. Now I know why: they love the local caves (there’s lot of caves round these parts).
  • Wanted to start reading The Secret Commonwealth, but couldn’t remember all the details from La Belle Sauvage, so treated myself to a re-read of that first. 
  • Went for a long-ish walk on Thursday, to Avoncliff and back. Had a cup of tea in the pub because the tea shop was closed. Mused about kayak ownership. Did not buy any kayaks.
  • It was parent’s evening at our son’s school. One of his teachers said something I’ve never heard any teacher say before: “Look, you’re a great kid. Exam grades don’t matter. You’ll do well in life whatever happens. Don’t let the pressure get too much.” I was impressed to hear that from a teacher.

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