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  • Another manic week, but some hours of calm and time to think towards the end of it. It was my birthday on Wednesday, but that day was so brain-shatteringly busy that I barely had time to notice until mid-evening. 
  • Over at the Main Gig, we published another edition of Signals, the printed periodical that thinks it’s a blog. Needless to say, putting this together twice a year is quite a lot of work and it’s very gratifying to get it finished and out into the world. This time I had a lot of help from my clever and talented colleague Emily Middleton, which was very welcome.
  • The .org top level domain is under threat. Help save it. I am a bit worried about this, for obvious reasons.
  • Lynn Fisher’s website. Resize your browser window.
  • I live in James Blunt.
  • Posted an update at Monochrome, one of the better ones I think.