Weeknote / Not bloody Tory

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I’ve been emailing Paula
  • Hi! My my, the weeks fly by faster don’t they? 
  • I took my elderly neighbour to the hospital because he had an appointment. The hospital was shabby and smelled like the 1970s. I thought about all the people I know who work for the NHS, and muttered quiet thanks for their patience and skill. I thought about how we even have an NHS. Later the same day, I filled out my postal vote form, and voted accordingly. Not bloody Tory.
  • Passing an Apple Store, I popped in to try out the new keyboard on the new MacBook Pro. Vastly, vastly better; as soon as that keyboard moves to the Air, I’ll be buying one. My wrists will thank me for it. I say that; I’m seriously tempted to buy a 4-year-old refurbished MacBook Pro to tide me over. Typing on this tiny Macbook upsets me that much.
  • Look who popped up in my RSS reader: James Holloway is back on the internet.
  • Musical Maps, a blog that plots album cover locations on Google Maps
  • You should read this astonishing blog post from blind software developer Tuukka Ojala: Software development at 450 words per minute

This week in music

  • Song for Alpha, by Daniel Avery
  • Almost everything by The Field, mainly because I couldn’t remember which album was which so I listened to all of them again