Weeknote / Turnbull, you’re full of crap

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B has been playing with animation
  • One of the most useful thing about writing weeknotes is that they help me work out what’s worth saying out loud and what’s not. There are many times when I type a paragraph to go here, read it back to myself, and realise it’s mostly nonsense. “Turnbull, you’re full of crap,” I say to myself as I delete it.
  • Everybody in the place is on YouTube, and I intend to make the teenager watch it. 
  • sdnotes is a thing for instantly publishing to the web.
In the West Wilts Radio studio
  • I’m going to try my hand at some broadcasting on West Wiltshire Radio. I’ll probably be on air some time between 12 noon and 2pm on Monday 23 December. It will be worse than Radio Roundabout but better than the politics. 
  • The politics. Sigh. 

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