Doing something about diversity in the tech sector

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My fellow Public Digital affiliate Davina Sirisena, founder of the Difference Digital agency, has created something new: an online community called DINT:

“A global online community set up to make connections between people who care about diversity and inclusion in tech.”

DINT meets online once a month for live person-to-person discussion, and runs a Slack for keeping in touch in between sessions.

In recent conversations with Davina, it was striking how very seriously she takes this challenge. She really wants to make a difference, to the point where doing so has become the purpose (and the name) of her business.

All of this was planned weeks before the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent global focus on Black Lives Matter.

As a hideously privileged straight cis middle-class white man, I want to support the movement. I’ve benefited from racism all my life. I’ve done and said racist things, including staying silent. This is my opportunity to learn more, and do more, and listen more.

Davina’s actions in the realm of recruitment and hiring are inspirational. She really means it. She’d doing something.