Evening walk

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The obvious place to go for a walk round here is by the river, the canal, and the country park on the edge of town. Consequently everyone goes there for walks; consequently we’ve been going out of our way to avoid those places.

Instead we’ve been doing loops in the countryside nearest to our front door. Much of it is very familiar, but it’s been surprising to find just how many local footpaths we’ve never walked down before.

Especially when you think that we’ve lived here for 16 years.

Anyway the blues and the greens are unbeatable at this time of year.

And this tree, just round the corner from our house, is home to a thriving group of squirrels. They don’t stop for a chat, like cows or horses or cats sometimes do. They scarper, straight up, at top speed. I wonder what sort of view they get from the top. They can probably see the whole town laid out before them. They can probably see our house, and us trudging into it, needing tea or gin or both.