Exploring Ebble Valley

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As you head towards the southern end of Wiltshire, the hills and the landscape get more interesting. We went down that way for a walk along the Ebble Valley, one of the many valleys the radiate outwards from Salisbury. This one points towards Shaftesbury, to the west.

We had a foggy start but that made the photos more interesting. We started up, went down and along, then climbed back up and along for the final stage. It was a good walk.

Down in the valley itself, the Ebble is a tiny chalk stream, with crystal clear water and a sort of gushing energy about it, like a kitten. It wants to get on with it, it doesn’t want to hang about.

Heading back up, the views are terrific. You can see across the valley, over the tops of those hills, and into the valleys beyond. Shadows upon shadows. My phone wasn’t really up to capturing it; you’ll have to take my word for it.