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My home recording studio setup

One of the few good things about pandemic lockdown for me was that it gave me more time to think about radio shows, and more time to practice making them.

Consequently, I spent quite a lot of time thinking about radio this year. I wrote a short piece about it.

I’ve still got much to learn, but I’m trying to listen more closely to broadcasters whose work I enjoy and admire: Gideon Coe, Don Letts, Mary Anne Hobbs, Zaph Mann, Ben Ward, Nemone, the Late Junction team, and loads more. I listen to how they say things, how often they say things, creative ideas they have for interesting things to say.

I try to remember some of those things.

Because of the pandemic, I’m recording my radio shows at home using a very amateurish and makeshift set-up (pictured above). I don’t have the skill, time or patience to edit recordings, so I record each show as if it was live, in one take. I leave the mistakes in, just as you’d hear them if I really was in the studio.

So far, I think I’ve learned these things:

  • I need to slow down a bit, I rush from one tune to the next too much
  • I need to allow more time for prep, and make sure I have written notes to refer to. I’m not too bad at improvising my between-song patter, but sometimes I forget something really basic and find myself umming and ahhing as I desperately try to recall it
  • I need to get some advice from a technical expert to improve my set-up; having some faders would be a great improvement but I don’t know what kit to buy, or how to connect it all together

Fingers crossed, later in 2021 I’ll be able to return to a studio again and do things properly.