Reviving Good Postcard Club

Back in 2014, I had an idea for Something To Do With Sending Postcards. I called it Good Postcard Club and stuck up a website. I didn’t think it through very much (read: at all) and a year later it had become a bit of a mess.

I didn’t want to end up running a penpal agency, but that’s fast what it became. I didn’t anticipate the international interest it would attract, and the unexpected lengths I’d have to go to in order to send postcards to other countries. I ran out of steam, and the project sort of died.

But things have changed, times are new, and pandemic is upon us.

Sending postcards, I thought to myself the other day, would be an excellent way for people to stay connected while in lockdown. And so much nicer to receive than a social media notification.

This time, I asked for some help, and some willing volunteers stepped forwards (thank you Amy, Andrew, Nicky, Jo, Holly, Anjana and Bailey). Writing notes to them forced me to actually think things through a bit more, and in doing so I realised something: the bottleneck for the first version of the club was me, and it was me because I’d come up with a process I had to follow, and it turned out to be a Bad Process.

So what if the new version of Good Postcard Club was a promise, not a process?

This time, there is no process

To be part of the club, all you need to do is:

  1. Send a postcard to anyone
  2. Tell the internet that you’ve done it

And to make that easier, the Club provides 3 useful things:

  1. A hashtag, #goodpostcardclub
  2. A website,, so people know what it’s all about
  3. A PO Box, because some people might prefer to send a postcard to the project and get a reply from us:

Good Postcard Club 
34 New House, 
67-68 Hatton Garden,