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Living in a small town, it can be hard to find new places to walk when we go for our daily exercise. I mean, it’s easy if you get togged up with the full walking boots and go out of town, into the countryside (unlike Snowdonia, the local footpaths are pretty empty). But it’s hard if you’re just going for a walk around town at the end of a day doing typing and videocalls, and you just want an hour of air.

Last night we did a little loop – up to the top of the hill, around where there might once have been a medieval settlement opposite the Co-op, down through the narrow lanes that hug the hillside, over the railway line and the ancient pack horse bridge, where I took this photo.

The river looked greener than usual, but Kate said maybe that was because it had been browner than usual during the recent floods. We listened to birds and watched squirrels. We hardly saw a soul.