Still walking

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The days drift on, and drift into one another. I’ve noticed them passing quicker, weirdly. Whole weeks have flashed past in a repetitive routine of eat, sleep, type, Zoom, repeat. Scratch that, I’m lucky: I have limited Zooming to do. Work is still very much part-time, so I have some time to think about other things.

I think about the gardening I’m not doing, partly because of hayfever and partly because I don’t enjoy gardening.

I think about the money I’m not spending. Most of that consumerism is pretty pointless, n’est pas? My biggest regular expense by far was train tickets, and it turns out I can do pretty well without them too. I miss trains though. I miss watching landscapes pass by. I miss the work-focus I can get into on a train. I miss going to other places.

I think about eating out. About tea in cafes. About sandwiches and omelettes. I make my own sandwiches, and my own omelettes. I love cooking, but in spurts: not every day. I do enjoy it when I’m in the mood.

We’re still going for walks, when we can, but if I’m honest our enthusiasm has shrunk a bit. K is often working until late in the evening, which eats into walking time. I could go walking by myself, of course. Sometimes I do.

Are you ok? I’m ok.

Tomorrow we wake up, we eat, we type, we Zoom.