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The boy came home on Saturday with a cough and a sore throat, so we jumped on the internet to book a coronavirus test.

I was really impressed, because we were offered a drive-through test less than 3 miles away, and less than an hour ahead. We barely had time for a cup of tea (hot honey & lemon for him) before getting in the car.

The drive-through process was slick. I pitied the poor test-centre staff, whose already pretty grim job was made worse by endless teeming rain. They were soaked through to the skin, every one of them.

Less than 2 hours after coming home with his cough, we were back home again: tested, rested, and waiting for a result.

The result came back this afternoon in a text message: negative. Phew.

Thumbs up to everyone who made this slickness happen: the people who built the book a test digital service, the people who sat in the rain all day long to conduct tests, the people who I suspect made the text message notification possible at the end of it all. Thanks all; you’re doing great work.