Training course: “Working in the open”

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Following on from this week’s webinar (which went great, thanks to everyone who came along), later this summer I’ll be running a training course, “How to work in the open”. Once again, this will be happening in partnership with the team at Content Design London.

This blog post on the CDL site tells you more.

This course will be useful for:

  • product owners seeking ways to talk about their products
  • comms people seeking more agile-friendly ways of communicating
  • leaders seeking clearer, simpler comms
  • people who work for leaders like that
  • anyone seeking ways to write more effective presentations
  • anyone thinking about making, or commissioning video content

There will be lots of examples from government and the public sector, but this course isn’t just for government-y, public sector-y types. Anyone can join, and I’m keen to see a good mix of people coming along.

Needless to say, this is the sort of course that we would normally do in a room, face-to-face. We can’t do that for the time being, because pandemic, so we’ll be doing our best to run it effectively online.

The team at CDL have already switched to online training, and they’ve learned a lot of tricks to make it work. We’ll do our very best to make sure this course isn’t a Zoom snoozefest, but rather something engaging and interesting and useful.

Dates, prices and a more detailed content outline will be published in the coming weeks.

I really hope you can come. If you think you might be interested,

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