Unreel #1

Published in radio.

Listen again. Spotify playlist.


  • New grass, by Talk Talk
  • Say something, by Kylie Minogue
  • Think about things, by Dadi Freyr
  • I’ll find my way home, by Jon & Vangelis
  • Why can’t we be lovers, by Lamont Dozier
  • Tried to tell me something, by Wesley Gonzalez
  • Hostages, by The Howl & The Hum
  • On, by Kelly Lee Owens
  • Never gonna cry again, by Eurythmics
  • What part of me, by Low
  • Lithium, by Little Roy
  • Gotta get up, by Harry Nilsson

New show! Recording from home, because virus, obvs. I know the mic levels are off; working on it. Have ordered a proper microphone, so I can get it wrong more expensively.