Unreel #17 – 2020 retrospective

Published (updated: ) in radio.

Broadcast date: 28 December 2020

Listen again. Spotify playlist.

  • Baby it’s you, by London Grammar
  • Hostages, by The Howl & The Hum
  • Tried to tell me something, by Wesley Gonzalez
  • Arpeggi, by Kelly Lee Owens
  • Held down, by Laura Marling
  • Final days, by Michael Kiwanuka
  • House music all night long, by JARV IS
  • Beautiful boy, by Gillian Welch
  • Paris, by Saint Saviour
  • School, by Four Tet
  • Dream distortion, by Daniel Avery
  • Articulation, by Rival Consoles
  • .-…-..—.— by ..-..-….-..
  • August, by Taylor Swift
  • Anxiety, by IDLES
  • Cat’s pyjamas, by Caro
  • Sad cowboy, by Goat Girl
  • Gum, by Hannah’s Little Sister
  • Simulation, by Roisin Murphy
  • Meet again, by LP Giobbi
  • Old enough, by Cinder Well
  • You’ve changed I’ve changed, by Ben Watt
  • I don’t know where I’m going but that’s okay, by Sarya