Unreel #2

Published (updated: ) in radio.

Listen again. Spotify playlist.

Track list:

  • Cottonmouth, by Throwing Muses
  • Held down, by Laura Marling
  • How to build a groove pt 1, by Wilsoni Tha’ Funk Master
  • Star Roving, by Slowdive
  • Every night, by Paul McCartney
  • A pessimist is never disappointed, by Theaudience
  • It’s a trip, by The Last Poets
  • Check the rhime, by Tribe Called Quest
  • Love is the slug, by Fuzzbox
  • I don’t know where I’m going but that’s ok, by Sarya
  • Are you that retail snob, by Aspen

New mic, so sound quality is better but still sounds a bit muffled. Need to fiddle with the settings a bit; not 100% sure what I’m doing tbh.