Unreel #3

Published (updated: ) in radio.

Broadcast date: 14 September 2020.

Listen again. Spotify playlist.

  • Rocket Fuel, by DJ Shadow & De La Soul
  • Final Days – Bonobo Mix, by Michael Kiwanuka
  • Tell me when, by Human League
  • Life, by Karl Bartos
  • Cold blue light, by Kynsy
  • I’m going shopping, by Hartnoll & Young
  • Manic Monday, by Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Tell me that you love me, by Tami Neilson
  • Cat vs Dog, by Kero Kero Bonito
  • Whippin’ Piccadilly, by Gomez
  • Cherry on top, by Lou Hayter
  • Never meet, by Melody English
  • The only thing, by Shards
  • Be a rebel, by New Order
  • Nail is closer, by Out of my Hair