A new radio show: Unreel

Published in radio.

I’m back on the radio!

WHAT: A new weekly music show called Unreel, playing the songs you hear less often.

WHEN: 8pm, Monday 31 August 2020, and every Monday at the same time after that.

WHERE: westwiltsradio.com

WHY: I was sad at not being able to do my radio show, so decided to do something about it. I’m recording this show at home, using whatever rudimentary equipment I have to hand. I’ll buy a better microphone soon, promise.

Unreel is a different sort of show, playing a more eclectic and possibly slightly weirder mix of tunes. Expect a variety of old and new, weird and accessible, singable and bleepy.

To begin with it will be a 1 hour show, but once I’ve got settled we might expand to 2 hours. See how it goes eh?