A webinar for content designers

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Aye, still working on the slides

Next Monday 18 May – a week from today – I’m going to be hosting a webinar called Working in the open for lone voice content designers, in partnership with the wonderful people at Content Design London.

It’s free to attend but places are limited: sign up at Eventbrite to book yours.

The session is aimed at meeting a need that Sarah Richards and the CDL team spotted a while ago: not every content designer is part of a multidisciplinary agile team, working with the full support of their organisation. Some are working on their own, or perhaps with one or two colleagues, and they don’t always find it easy to make their voices heard.

Some have to work hard to explain to their colleagues and their bosses what content design is, why it’s a good idea, and how it can benefit the organisation they work in.

So this session is about “showing the thing” for those content designers. It looks at a few principles for communicating within organisations, and suggests a handful of practical ideas for getting started.

It’s only an hour and that includes Q&A time, so we won’t have time to go into loads of detail. There will probably be a few jokes and at least one animated gif.

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