Weeknote / I’m a radio DJ now

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10 January 2020

  • I’m a radio DJ now
  • That’s the main thing I’ve been thinking about this week.
  • Spent far too much time this week trying to get minor problems with our car sorted out. You wouldn’t think anyone would need 2+ hours and 2 trips to Halfords to change a headlight bulb, would you? But here I am.
  • Discovered how to grab RSS feeds for YouTube channels, which is good because I’ve never subscribed to a YouTube channel and have no wish to start doing so. In short: grab the channel ID from the URL (the random string that comes after /channel), paste it at the end of, and put the URL you’ve created into your feed reader. Bingo! I needed to do this so that I can keep up with Stella the talking dog.
  • DO LESS.
  • New albums out soon from Pet Shop Boys and Wire, something to look forward to.
  • In order to get away from The Politics last year, and because I’ve never seen a single episode of it on the telly, I’ve started reading the first book of the Games of Thrones series. So far, so violent, but getting into the story after a few hundred pages. I mean, winter’s always coming for someone, when you think about it.