Weeknote / Ignore the mistakes and just carry on

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17 January 2020

  • This week I learned that, when you’re referring to a “defined benefit pension”, the Pension Input Amount (PIA) is not the same thing as the amount of money you may (or may not) have actually inputted into your pension. 
  • I am having lots of fun presenting a Friday afternoon show on West Wilts Radio. The show doesn’t know what it is yet, so for the time being it’s just me feeling my way forwards. I am getting better: there were fewer mistakes this week than the week before, and I felt much more confident using the equipment. Slow but steady progress.
  • The radio studio is quite unforgiving; one unintended click and you can do all sorts of terrible damage to your broadcast. Dave the studio manager tells me to not worry, because most people aren’t paying that much attention. Ignore the mistakes and just carry on. Wise words there. Even so, this week I couldn’t resist the on-air comedy value of a knob-twiddling cock-up, so opened up the mic fader for a quick “Ooops”. That could become my catchphrase.
  • As a consequence of spending time doing radio of my own, I’m suddenly paying much more attention to proper radio. Listening to how professionals fade songs out, or how they segue between songs, or for mannerisms or vocal tricks I might steal. 
  • I got some graphic novels for my birthday in November. Got through Blankets very quickly, then Cassandra Darke over Christmas. Posy Simmonds is a terrific writer and artist.
  • I’ve been neglecting Monochrome, which frustrates me. The days have been busy, and the photo-mojo has been lacking recently.