Weeknote / Plans are afoot

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  • Yes mine was fine thanks. Hope yours was too. 
  • Had a CD sort-out and ended up with a pile of 30+ CDs that I wasn’t sure about. Have been working my way through them and deciding whether they’re keepers. A chance to explore some of the less-played, jazzier and classical-er ends of my music collection.
  • Despite having had 2 weeks off, I’ve been feeling really tired and needing a lot of sleep. So I’ve been sleeping a lot.
  • I miss the seaside.
  • 2020 is the year I turn 50, so I’m already starting to have a bit of a think on what I’m going to do about that. Feels like something needs to be done.
  • Very tempted to try and attend the next meeting of the Homebrew Website Club, mainly to ask the gathered minds there if they can think of ways that I automate more of my hand-coded website maintenance nonsense. If I had any sense I’d have installed WordPress years ago and just left it at that.
  • A few years ago, my friend Graham made a feature film called Mile End and now it’s on Amazon Prime so you can watch it there if you like. 
  • Plans are afoot for me to do some more broadcasting on West Wilts Radio soon. I’ll probably put something on Twitter.