Weeknote / Mesmerising

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31 January 2020

  • As you can see, a few things are changing round these parts. Most of the website is likely to be missing or broken for the next week or so, but my goal is to leave no link left behind, and to make it look like it did before. This will take time.
  • Today involved a lot of rushing about and mopping up minor floods in our house. It’s a long story. Everything’s fine now. I ended up not being able to do my radio show though.
  • I am European. I remain European. I always will.
  • This week I watched Vi Hart’s Twelve Tones film again for the first time in many years, probably the first time since it was first posted online in 2013. It remains an astonishing piece of work, truly unique, mesmerising.

Recently in music

  • Spent many hours over the last week or so listening to Martin Freeman’s Decades shows that were broadcast on 6 Music over Christmas. The later ones might still be on Sounds if you’re quick. I wuv Martin Freeman on the radio, because our music tastes are very similar.
  • Khonnar by Deena Abdelwahed
  • Replica Sun Machine by The Shortwave Set