Weeknote / Any city

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  • This week felt hard to get through. Many possible-work projects have turned into not-work-at-all, and this week I felt listless and pointless with not much to do. I drank tea and ate biscuits and sat outside.
  • Eventually you’ve drunk all the tea and eaten all the biscuits you can manage, so there’s only one thing to do instead: gardening. I cracked on with some of the less interesting jobs while the sun was shining. I still don’t enjoy gardening really, but I do enjoy the chance to put the headphones on and listen to some good music, uninterrupted.
  • All that said there was a small bit of work, advising a recruitment agency on language and tone. Might be able to tell you more about that once it’s gone live.
  • And the other good thing was next week’s webinar, in partnership with Content Design London, sold out all 50 tickets in no time. We added 30 more tickets. That’s encouraging. Spent many hours this week writing, re-writing, and re-re-writing the slides.
  • And the post about how many things are ok went down very well.
  • Went for some walks. There are photos, but photos you’ve seen before: blue skies and green landscapes. I miss the city. Any city.
  • Made a really good lasagna.
  • Shared 1 (one) good idea.
Had a long conversation with the weed entangling this rose


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