Weeknote / Potato shoots

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A chance encounter via someone else’s email sig this week got me thinking about Good Postcard Club, a project I began in 2014 and ran out of steam for in 2015. Now I’m thinking about ways to revive it, but this time I think it would work better if I had some other brains involve, to spread the load and bounce ideas off. If you’re interested in that, get in touch.

  • I’m not doing any radio broadcasting for the time being, because pandemic. This makes me sad.
  • Lots of potential new bits of work on the horizon, or bubbling just beyond it. I’ve had several really interesting phone calls this week about potential new projects. One was a bid for funding, for which we now await a yes or a no. One was with a big agency about a project. Another was a smaller agency about a slightly smaller project. For now, I stick with lockdown and I stay at home and I wait for possible-things to become actual-things.
  • On the actual-things front, I have started doing a bit of work for the team at I’m A Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here, a STEM engagement activity normally aimed at a few hundred kids in schools. This summer they’re rapidly scaling up to a thousands of kids in their homes. An impressive team doing great work.
  • Sent out another monochrome post this week. It’s starting to develop a voice of its own, I think.
  • My potatoes started sprouting this week, this is excellent news.


  • Typehut is a new type-and-publish blogging thing, like a minimalist Medium. Had a play with it this week – still very new, still some bugs and basics to fix. A nice simple model: no ads, you pay for customisation and extras. But the basic free offer is a great option for all sorts of simple projects that need a quick website. I think it might be useful for something, one day.
  • The Countdown wiki is amazing. Detailed notes for every episode.

Recently in music

  • I suddenly remembered Trance Europe Express and looked for it, and the album isn’t on Spotify but some nice person has constructed it as a playlist.
  • Hurricane / Dub by Grace Jones
  • Paper Gods, a Duran Duran album from 2015. They’ve still got it, as I believe I said on the radio recently.