309 albums short

Regular readers will know that for a while now, I’ve been working my way through a list of “1001 albums you should hear before you die.”

Today, I hit a bit of a blocker: it turns out that the Spotify playlist I was using as source material for this listening project didn’t contain 1001 albums. No. It contained 692 albums, leaving me 309 short.

So, I’ve purchased a copy of the book that the playlist was supposed to reflect, and I’m going to use that book as source material from now on.

A quick flick through its pages suggests that some of the albums I’ve already listened to are not in the latest edition, and have been replaced by others. Still more, it seems, should never have been on the playlist in the first place.

So it looks like I’ll end up listening to more than 1001 albums.

I’m not complaining about this, because I like listening to albums.

So that’s that.

Filed under: music and projects
(25 August 2021)