for now, consider it an alpha

photograph of a staff information display at a railway station, depicting very complicated information about train movements

I’ve started a collaboration with m’former GDS colleagues Russell Davies, Ella Fitzsimmons and Matthew Sheret. It’s called

All of us have experience of writing presentations for other people, and coaching them to deliver those presentations well. Consequently, all of us have opinions about what makes a good presentation and what doesn’t. In recent years, some of us have written various blog posts on various websites to share those opinions with the world.

So the first thing that does is bring all those existing posts together in a single place (with an RSS feed of course, because That’s How Things Should Be Done).

The second thing it does is provide us with a place to put more opinions – and yes, before you ask, we do have plenty more of them to share. We plan to publish more posts on the site in the coming weeks and months. At first we thought that might be about once a fortnight, but it might be more frequent than that. Like the site says: consider it an alpha.

Perhaps this project might grow into something more than just a website for opinions, perhaps it won’t.

In the meantime, I think I speak for all my co-collaborators when I say that every set of hard-to-read, hard-to-understand, overcomplicated slides we see prompts more ideas, more opinons, and more to say about making them simpler and more coherent.

Let’s see what happens, eh?

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(3 Mar 2017)