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Hello, my name is Giles and I like the internet. This is a personal website, I keep memories and thoughts and ideas in it.

To contact me, send email to: giles (at) I like email. I’ll reply, promise.

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Right now I’m:

Read my CV. Find me on LinkedIn. I’ve edited / contributed to a number of books.


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Places: Barcelona (twice), Berlin, Boston, Calpe, Copenhagen, Cove, Croatia, Devon (again), Greece, Ireland, India, Italy, Jordan, Miami, Morocco, Moscow, Munich, Oman, Pembrokeshire, Perpignan, Sicily, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Toronto, Turkey (twice), Vienna


Websites I keep a close eye on (in no particular order, and almost certainly missing important people):

Russell Davies, Alice Bartlett, Nat Buckley, Phil Gyford, Jason Kottke, Matt Haughey, Denise Wilton, Alyson Fielding, Michael Tsai, Robert Brook, Chris Heathcote, Mat Johnson, Matt Webb, Piper Heywood, Jamie Adams, Matt Jukes, Ella Fitzsimmons, Andrew Eberlin, Rachel M, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

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Lifetime achievement awards:

✔ Wrote the first tweet mentioning “lentils” 
✔ Wrote first mainstream media article about Twitter 
✔  Credited in album sleeve notes by a real band 
✔ One of the early pioneers of British blogging


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