The agile comms handbook
- revised edition!

(21 September 2023)

The old, larger book, next to the new, smaller one
The new book (right) next to the old one

Some news: in collaboration with my friends at Content Design London, I’ve just published The agile comms handbook - revised edition.

You can buy a copy right now.

The revised edition updates a few things that were out-of-date, adds a few new examples of good practice, and removes a couple that no longer worked.

It’s a revision, not an entirely new book. If you already own a copy of the original edition, you don’t need to buy this as well. But if you’re buying it for the first time now, you’re getting a better and more up-to-date book.

It’s a slightly different shape, layout and texture from the previous edition. We deliberately picked a smaller, pocket-size option, because it’s good to carry around books the same way people carry around phones.

The revised edition was (re-)designed once again by Sonia Turcotte and much of the behind-the-scenes wrangling was done by Rich Prowse at CDL. Thank you Sonia, thank you Rich.

The CDL team have established a very good system for independent publishing, using print-on-demand via Lulu.

That means:

There are two downsides, but I think they’re outweighed by the upsides:

I’m really happy to be getting this out into the world. My own stocks of the book dried up at the start of the summer, and I thought getting this new edition would take just a few weeks. Here we are, three months later… such are the pitfalls of independent publishing.

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